This needs to happenĀ 

If Warner or any body can pull this off it would be amazing for the event itself. I know marvel is owning the cinematic universe but I believe after justice league DC is gonna come in the spotlight that it deserves. I am such a big DC fan and I am sure every single DC fan wants this to happen.
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Multiversity – The most epic Comic from DC

Grant Morrison is an amazing comic book writer . A true visionary. The first ever comic book i read from Grant was JLA when they were relaunched in DC continuing in another legacy of the super hero group.

I cannot tell you how much impressed I am with Grant Morrison after reading Multiversity. I dont think any other writer could have pulled this off. The minute you start this comic you have started your mind f#$$K.


The epic of the multiverse first start with the flash of two world storyline back in 1961. DC since then have bought us the multiverse, destroyed it in (Crisis in Infinite Earths), brought it back in Infinite Crisis, Played with it again in Final Crisis, updated it with Flashpoint and then made it full circle with Multiversity.

Multiversity is an epic take woven into the Multiverses of 52 worlds of DC. Each having it own link to the story that written in the 9 solo comics.

After reading this comic my head was spinning but I hooked onto understanding the story behind it and it is one of the best comics of our generation. It took me a good 4 reads and one video on the internet to understand the legacy Grant Morrison has given to our generation. I am leaving the link for the video below Credits go to Comicsland for publishing such an epic video.

Enjoy Comic Lovers!